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Immerse yourself in 2 semesters of comprehensive part time training in this retreat-style sanctuary and studio in the Gold Coast region of Worongary. 


This course will speak to all levels, regardless of whether you wish to teach, you will gain an extensive knowledge of yourself, and the hidden depths of mind and body through Yoga. 



Semester 1 Dates : June 30th - July 23rd (x4 weekends)
Semester 2 Dates : Aug 18th - Sep 3rd (x3 weekends)


Fridays: from 5:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturdays: (full day) 8.00am - 8:30pm *
Sundays: 8.00am - 4:00pm

* Includes 3 hours of break time

Course Fees: $3,950 pp
Deposit: $900 
Afterpay & payment plans available 

Location: Soul Yoga & Retreats, Worongary, Gold Coast. 



Soul Yoga & Retreats is a boutique yoga studio and grounds located at Worongary on the Gold Coast. You will be enveloped in quiet, tranquil and peaceful surroundings, encouraging the perfect environment for your training and learnings. 


During your breaks, enjoy mother nature, relax on the meditation deck, pull up a chair around the fire pit, soak up the sun, find a spot around the pool, enjoy a swim in the magnesium mineral

pool or warm up in the infra-red sauna.

Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training

200HR Yoga Alliance International

Teaching Certification in Yin & Vinyasa 


20HR Foundational online

module with lifetime access


All Classes, tuition fees

learning materials 


Small Group, Big connections

(Max 8 students)

Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training

Post Graduate support

& follow up program


Personal mentorship


Education pathway towards

the Diploma of Yoga


Organic coffee, teas,

pH balanced water, infused water & kombucha

Selection of nuts and fruits

Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training
Inclusions in Yoga Teacher Training

The Latest Edition

of our 200HR textbook

Meditation deck


Graduation Ceremony

& Dinner

Magnesium mineral pool 

Extra-curricular activities & workshops

Our Meditation Deck
Our Boutique Yoga Studio where the training is held
Our Magnesium Mineral Pool


Escape the concrete jungle and join us for retreat style yoga teacher training. In this program you will be taken on a journey with our lead trainers from Barefoot Yoga School, Jess and Adam.


Our boutique yoga studio is located on the beautiful Gold Coast, tucked away in the tranquil surrounds of Worongary. This is a rare opportunity to complete your yoga teacher training in a small group and part-time immersive setting.

This program is one-of-a-kind as you are introduced to two of the most popular modalities of Yoga: Yin and Vinyasa. This course will strike the perfect “Yin Yang” balance as you find your feet through the extensive curriculum which will challenge you, open your mind and feed your body and soul!


With a maximum of 8 students between 2 lead trainers, this program ensures the highest quality of teaching and personal mentorship for each student. Each class is engaging, dynamic and designed to provoke critical thinking as we unpick and explore the body, mind and spirit.

Yoga Teacher Training Philosophy


We engage a well-rounded approach, with a focus on how science can meet spirituality. Our classes will open the mind, and most importantly, focus on how to apply this incredible knowledge. You will walk away with a new perspective and all the skills to start teaching straight away. 

"The course far exceeded all my expectations; from the course content, to the beautiful environment…it was all superb"
Brigita Koren, Midwife from QLD
"I learned more anatomy in this program than in my first year of university."
Saimon Moraes, professor of molecular science at Swinburne University VIC


Not only will you be able to teach a comprehensive, intelligent Yin and Vinyasa Yoga class by the end of your 8 weeks, but you will be immersed in the following modules:

History of Yoga, Anatomy, Physiology, Asana practice, Pranayama, Meditation, Energy healing, Neuroscience of Meditation, The Nervous system, Teaching methodology, Teaching practice, Traditional Chinese Medicine 5 element theory, The 8 Limbs of Yoga applied and Yoga Philosophy.

Extracurricular modules such as Business Finance, Business Marketing, Acro Yoga and Holistic Nutrition as a Yogi.


Yoga Teacher Training Module

1. History & Philosophy

History of Yoga & Natural Medicines | The 8 Limbs of Yoga | 5 Element theory & more. 

Yoga Teacher Training Module

2. Vinyasa

Foundations of Vinyasa |  Vinyasa Class sequencing | Traditional Sun Salutations | Transitioning & prop usage & more.

 Yoga Teacher Training Module

3. Yin

Origins of Yin  | Yin Yang theory & philosophy | Traditional | Chinese Medicine 5 element theory| Anatomy of Yin - Organs & more. 

Yoga Teacher Training Module

4. Teaching Methodology

Asana (posture) and variation workshops | Adjusting for injuries & chronic pain/conditions | Yin and Vinyasa Class structure & more.

Yoga Teacher Training Module

5. Asana (Postures)

Types/groups of postures |  In-depth analysis of each posture with guidance and anatomical breakdown.

Yoga Teacher Training Module

6. Prayers & Mantra

Sacred sound | How to chant AUM correctly | Physics behind frequency | Chakras and sound healing & more.

Yoga Teacher Training Module

7. Anatomy & Physiology

The skeletal system |  The muscular system | Biomechanics |  Injury prevention | The Nervous system  & more.

Yoga Teacher Training Module

8. Meditation & Pranayama

Prana & Pranayama theory | The Chakras: in-depth analysis | The respiratory system in depth | Trauma-informed practice & more. 

Yoga Teacher Training Module

9. Workshops & Extra Curriculum

Marketing and setting up your own conscious brand/business | Finance of a small business, setting up, tax and accounting & more. 


Yin Yoga – The challenge of the mind through the postures

The first part of your program will be focussed on Yin – a beautifully slow and therapeutic type of Yoga when done correctly. Holding postures for extended periods of time allows the body to work through compressing and lengthening tissues, allowing for sustained flexibility to be found at cooler temperatures and deeper healing affects through stimulating your flow of energy.

What makes our Yin training special is that you have Adam, a Chinese Medicine practitioner and Physiologist to take you through each module and bring lineage, history and depth to your knowledge through the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine applied to Yin Yoga. This looks like a much deeper understanding of energetic anatomy, whereby you can build on this knowledge further in more advanced modules in the future such as the Meridians, Emotions & Organs.

Vinyasa Yoga – The challenge of the physical through the breath with movement

The second part of your program we will be looking at the human physiology and biomechanics through a Vinyasa flow in more depth. Having a safe flow is paramount – especially if we are going to share Yoga with others. Our anatomy component is very strong, with students of Biochemistry regarding this module in particular as outstanding.

We like to find that sweet spot where Science and spirituality meet! Jess will be adding layers of philosophy to make your classes and practice more meaningful and sophisticated. We dive into Samkhya philosophy alongside Buddhism to enrich our understanding of the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the 8 fold path of enlightenment. This will give you framework to bring Yoga off the mat and create an intelligent practice on the mat which you can share with others.

It's rare to find Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Training rolled into one, yet we feel to truly create balance in your practice on and off the mat, we must start off on the right foot!


A message from Donna, the owner of Soul Yoga & Retreats. 

Having personally worked with Jess and Adam from Barefoot Yoga School, to upskill and

increase some gaps in my previous trainings I am thrilled to announce that we are hosting

their 200 hour training with our community in 2023.


With Barefoot Yoga School and Soul Yoga & Retreats sharing core foundations and goals

~ 'Small groups, big connections' accompanied with creating and delivering exceptional

levels of quality and experience it is the perfect collaboration.


The level of commitment, expertise and knowledge shared, along with the science and

practically of this training far exceeded my expectations.  And I have very high expectations!

As I know the students that attend the 200 hour part-time training will also receive the

standard and quality that I experienced.


Jess and Adam are constantly updating their training to include new research, learnings and

skills.  Both coming from professional sports backgrounds, and holding many degrees between them the wholistic approach to this training ensures students are ready when they leave to teach if they choose.  They deliver exactly what they outline in their schedule and curriculum! 


Whilst I have already completed 540 hours of yoga teacher training, I too am continuing my higher advanced training with Barefoot Yoga School.


We are so excited to be delivering and sharing this training next year.

Donna your Yoga Teacher Training Host


Yoga Teacher Training Teacher

Adam Kaoullas

As a retired professional boxer, Adam is now leading a different life as a lifelong student of Yoga and qualifying Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine practitioner.

Adam has over 12 years experience in physiology, rehabilitation, anatomy, and personal training. He has worked in rehabilitation centres in the US, helping the injured and disabled to find their feet and even walk again.

He has a raw passion for helping people and making Yoga a safer and more effective form of movement therapy. Adam is incredibly invested and makes it his mission to give Yoga teachers a better education and understanding of the human form and thus produces highly trained Yoga teachers whose anatomical knowledge is outstanding.

Adam has an undying enthusiasm for the human body and biomechanics which is very apparent in his teachings.

He runs the Yin yoga, Chinese medicine and Anatomy modules in these courses.

Yoga Teacher Training Teacher

Jessica Martin-Jones

With a deep connection to the roots of Yoga having completed all of her own training in India, Jess knows how to bring the East and West together.

With over 1000 hours of Yoga and Meditation teacher training under her belt, Jess offers groundbreaking perspectives on Eastern philosophy which she weaves throughout her teaching.

As a qualified counselor Jess is further able to shine a light on trauma-informed Yoga and Meditation teaching, with a particular passion for neuroscience. Jess is the driving force behind this passion project and school. She built Barefoot Yoga from the ground up after moving to Australia in 2017 and wants to share her experience and business tips with you.

Our Yoga Teacher Students
"I loved the course content and the flexibility of the classes. I really enjoyed learning because the teachers were methodical, patient, encouraging, approachable and passionate. I appreciated all the little extra touches and it really did feel like a family by the end of the course. Well worth immersing yourself in the course … and I gained so much more than a certificate from this experience. I made new friends and am feeling extremely inspired to continue on this journey of growth! Thanks to Adam & Jess!”
~ Past Course Participant
“I went in with certain expectations, and they were met and exceeded. This isn't just a course, it's a journey of growth and healing too. I've connected with and made lifelong friends, we unearthed so much emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually and were amazing pillars of strength and support. Jess and Adam are also there to support us beyond our yoga journey and keep in constant contact. I will be doing further studying with them in the future.”
~ Marianna Michalos, VIC
“I would 100% recommend this teacher training to everyone, whether you are looking to teach or deepen your practice. You learn how to incorporate yoga into your everyday life and not just on the mat. I’ve made memories and friends for life.”
“Jess and Adam have created such a sacred and supportive space, allowing you to feel comfortable and to grow from within. Their knowledge base is incredible, and their genuine nature and love for what they do fills the room. The course content and support throughout provides you with an abundance of skills and knowledge to start teaching as soon as you finish the training.”
~ Monique Rocci, Qualified Nurse from VIC
“This could have easily been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The course far exceeded all my expectations; from the course content to the beautiful environment...everything was superb. Jess and Adam's knowledge about the topics they teach is very detailed yet explained in a way that everyone can understand. They create a safe, nurturing, supportive and fun learning environment for each and every student. With their holistic approach they teach you not just how to be a great yoga teacher, but most importantly how to be a good human being, by setting an example themselves.”
~ Brigita Koren, Midwife from QLD
“l learnt how to teach others what I love (safely and inclusively) and opened up my world to many new possibilities. Jess and Adam are wonderful teachers, passionate about teaching a wholistic, well rounded practice of yoga, beyond just poses and physical alignment. That being said, they don't skimp on the anatomy aspect of the training either, which I really appreciated from a health science background! They genuinely care about helping others grow to be their best, most authentic and liberated selves in every aspect of life, embracing how different this looks for each individual.”
~ Caitlin Lofts, full time Uni Student of Health Science, QLD
~ Niamh Moloney, Biochemist from NSW
Soul Yoga & Retreats Yogo

Want to know more? Contact us. 

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