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27 April 2024 - SOLD OUT
30 June 2024

If you feel its your time to get 'unstuck', to release the past and step into a more empowered and grounded you, this is the perfect safe space for you to truly let go and release.

Donna and Magida, your hosts for the SOUL QUEST EXPERIENCE, will guide you using fundamental elements of stillness, vibration and breathe allowing you to create space for release, expansion and healing.

Join us for this beautifully balanced morning combining:

Yin Yoga

 Blissful Meditation

 Sound Healing Bath

 Cacao Activation Ceremony

Deep Breathwork Session

Plant Based Morning Tea 

An infusion of journeying through all aspects of the breath, exploring your body, slowing down your mind, and releasing blocked energy to increase your chi flow.

You deserve to show yourself some kindness, love and the time to lean back into you.

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