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Soul Yoga & Retreats Logo

‘When you don’t go within, you go without’

All that we do at Soul Yoga & Retreats, is aimed to provide an exceptional experience for our guests and participants.  To feel heard, safe, nurtured and ultimately supported.  Our mission is to help everybody live their best life each and every day.


We are passionate about the yoga lifestyle and believe in making yoga, meditation, mindfulness and other wellness modalities accessible to everyone.  And that everyone can practice yoga.


At Soul Yoga & Retreats, our studio has been purpose built and designed to feel luxurious and intimate being able to accommodate both heated and non-heated yoga classes, retreats and workshops.  We are a boutique, retreat style yoga studio located so close to the glorious beaches of the Gold Coast and yet you will feel like you have escaped into a place far from home. 


Donna has mindfully designed the retreats and offerings that we deliver at Soul Yoga & Retreats for those that want to slow down and reconnect to the joy and lightness of being. We take care to engage and partner with exceptional humans, who are experienced and soul-driven facilitators of their chosen modalities.

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